Product Overview

MSS Cooling Towers
100kw � 9.5mW

AQXD Cooling Towers
450kW � 4mW

AFT, LRTF,LSTA, AT & Cooling Towers.

MFC, AFTW, LRWF, LSWA, Evaporative Cooling Towers.

MEC, AFTC, LRCF, LSCB, ATC Evaporative Condensers

Company Overview

Evapco Towers is one of Australia’s leading Cooling Tower manufacturers with one of the most diverse and impressive tower ranges on the market. With industry renowned expertise and experience, Evapco Towers boasts cutting edge technology and proven quality products.

Since its founding in 1981, Evapco Towers has been heavily involved in the HVAC industry. Installation and maintenance of all types of cooling towers and also the manufacture of its own unique design implemented in 1989.

Evapco Towers has worked from the original concepts and been involved with the working parties and part of the Standards Committees of both AS3666 and AS4180. This work has lead to many improvements and innovation in the product design. Evapco Towers has, for many years also been a member of the C.T.I., gaining information on the world market requirements and implementing these into the product designs.

Evapco Towers take this imitation as the sincerest form of flattery and thank these other manufacturers for the endorsement of their skills and engineering expertise.

A constant strive for improving it’s products means that they are always improving features and standards to ensure the integrity of Evapco Cooling Towers is guaranteed.

To find out more about the Aqua-Cool range contact Industrial Air or visit www.evapco.com.au for more information.