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Chilled Water Coils

Hot Water Coils

Direct Expansion (Evaporator) Coils

Condenser Coils

Steam Coils

Chilled Beam Coils

Active Beam Coils

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Company Overview

Since 1982 Coils Australia’s factories have been supplying custom-built and standard air conditioning and refrigeration heat-exchange components to everyone from the largest manufacturers, through to the one-off user.

Coils Australia know that time is critical, and you can rely on them to deliver the correct coil on time, every time.

Coils Australia supplies a complete range of fin and tube heat exchanger coils for air conditioning and process applications, both locally and internationally.

By combining over three decades of manufacturing experience with local experience in air handling units, heat exchangers, and commercial air conditioning units, you can be confident in Coils Australia’s technical and manufacturing experience.

The Coils Australia factories have been in operation since 1982, and utilise state of the art production machinery. All heat exchangers are manufactured to strict ISO 9001:2008 quality standards. Following stringent quality checks, each heat exchanger is placed in individually designed wooden export quality packaging for delivery, guaranteeing your order arrives exactly as it left the factory.

Coils Australia’s facilities can supply a comprehensive range of custom heat exchangers in response to customer specifications.