Blue Box

Product Overview

Close Control Air Conditioners:

DATATECH 6kW – 170kW

Precision air-conditioners for technological environments

Hydronic Units:


Available range 32 kW – 773kW

Air-Cooled Chillers:

Available range 5kW – 1750kW

Water-Cooled Condenserless units:

Available range 6kW – 1527kW

Free Cooling Units:

Available range 42kW – 1186kW

Water-cooled chillers:

Available range 5kW – 1527kW

Company Overview

The Blue Box Group story opens in 1986 with the incorporation of Blue Box, specialised in the production of air conditioning plants for large spaces.

Blue Box experienced rapid growth due to the enormous success they had in 1987, when they made the revolutionary move into the design and manufacture of chillers with screw compressors, being the first manufacturer in Italy to realize the benefit of this product which was destined to leave a mark on the entire industry.

Blue Box Group has a workforce of 350, performing its activities from 5 different production facilities. Ever since 1987 the Blue Box Group has gone from strength to strength, performing an annual turnover of approximately €70 million. 60% of the Blue Box Group’s production is for export, selling their high-quality products in 50 different countries all over the world, all of which are used in very different ambient conditions.

In 2007 the Blue Box Group completed a new factory of 22,000 sqm to house the production of Blue Box, Air Blue and Blue Frost range.

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