Accent Air

Product Overview

Heat Pumps Air to Water, Water to Water, Ground Sourced, and Ground Coupled

Pool Heaters 8kw to 250kw

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Company Overview

Accent Air, as of October 2007, became a part of Rheem Australia, a division of Rheem USA, owned by Paloma Industries Japan. Rheem Australia has been a manufacturer of hot water heating systems since 1936.

Accent Air is a rapidly expanding and successful Australian manufacturing company, located in Liverpool, New South Wales. Neil Newton founded Accent Air in 1993, which now employs 30 staff in the design and manufacture of  hot water heat pumps.

The Accent Air factory is a showpiece of Australian manufacturing, with the company’s commitment to quality, innovation and performance being evident in every aspect in the factory layout and management. The factory includes some of the world’s most advanced computerised sheet metal presses and cutters to give pin-point accuracy in unit layout and body-design.

Accent Air, whilst impressive in size, remain able to deal with clients in a one-to-one relationship. Dealing with people exactly how they would expect to be treated. Their units are regularly customised to meet individual needs and factory inspections are welcomed.

Accent Air hot water heat pumps are the industry benchmark.