The new range of Panasonic VRF and PAC units are here, giving us the capability to provide systems up to 168kW! These Japanese designed and engineered units are of the highest quality, with the new generation VRF raising the maximum number of connectible indoor units up to 64, giving you ultimate design flexibility!

Mini FSV

The new Mini FSV is designed for the most demanding applications, available in 3 different sizes with cooling capacities ranging from 12.5kW to 15.5kW, allowing for a maximum number of 9 connectible indoor units (applicable for the 15.5kW).

Panasonic have used energy saving designs for the structure of fans, fan motors, compressors and heat exchangers, which has resulted in high COP values, ranking among the top class in the industry!

R22 Renewal Projects

These new VRF systems are compatible with existing good quality R22 pipe work, allowing you to install new high efficiency R410A Panasonic systems. Panasonic’s advanced technology enables the system to work with previously installed pipe work by managing the working pressure within the system down to R22 (33 bar) levels, this ensures the system works safely and efficiently without loss of capacity. The new equipment can offer increased COP/EER by using state of the art inverter compressor and heat exchanger technology.

For more information regarding R22 renewal projects call Industrial Air on (08) 8354 0088